Your Customisable Smartwatch

"create the perfect device to suit their own needs and lifestyle"
Your Personal Assistant
For those who command high performance and efficiency. These blocks enable seamless organisation, rapid decision making and impeccable timing.
"modular concept seems to make a lot of sense here"
Ultimate Fitness Trainer
Precision, accuracy, performance. Choose a watch that works as hard as you do. Measure your movement, track your activity and reach your next goal.
"the future of smart watches is modular blocks"
Epic Gadgets
Your Travel Companion
A companion and reliable guide for explorers and adventurers. Choose blocks that embody your spirit of adventure, savouring the experiences and capturing memories.
fashion meets function
Each block is designed with removable covers, enabling you to customize your blocks with a range of materials and colours to suit your individual style.
A Truly Open Platform
With an open platform for software and hardware, any company or individual can develop apps or even build blocks, and sell them on our blockstore.