The world's first modular smartwatch is here. BLOCKS lets you choose the features and designs that best suit your lifestyle and needs.

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For the adventurer

Customize your watch and bring out the explorer in you. Discover a range of modules that will enable you to go further and explore farther.

The adventurer's set:

  • Heart Rate
  • GPS
  • Altitude
  • Sim Card
  • Extra Battery

For the athlete

Exceed your own expectations. Select a set of modules to optimize your performance.

The athlete's set:

  • Body Temp
  • ECG
  • Kinetic Charger
  • Blood O2
  • Heart Rate

For the future

Always evolving, never obsolete. We are redefining the way technology is built by creating a platform that will keep your device future-proof.

Future modules:

  • Gesture
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Perspiration
  • Fingerprint
  • Blood O2

The Core

The key piece that makes your smartwatch tick. We’ve built it to last with an elegant display, a high capacity battery and a powerful processor.

LED Light

An easily accessible super bright LED.

Fingerprint Module

Add an extra layer of security to unlock your phone or laptop, or authenticate a payment with your fingerprint.

Kinetic Charger

Convert your motion and activity into energy.


Capture those special moments faster than ever before.


Monitor your heart rate variability to gain insights on your stress levels during exercise.

Flash Memory

Store data locally and discretely. Use it as a USB drive.

Galvanic Skin Response

Track your perspiration and stress levels during workouts and throughout the day.

Blood Oxygen Module

Measure the concentration of oxygen in your blood and maximize your performance.

Air Quality Module

Monitor air quality and identify hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide and methane.

Body Temperature

Track your body’s temperature throughout the day.

Extra Battery

Extend your battery life by adding more batteries to your watch.

Contactless Payment

Seamlessly make payments from your wrist. Modules are being developed with both passive and active NFC capabilities.

GPS Module

Track your route and never get lost again without your smartphone.

Heart Rate

Track your heart's rhythm at all times with advanced optical sensor technology.

Gesture Control

Control the world around you at a flick of the wrist or click of your fingers.

Sim Card Module

Transform your BLOCKS watch into a standalone device and leave your smartphone at home.

Environment Sensor

The adventurer's toolkit. Analyze your surroundings with data on temperature, altitude and air pressure wherever you are.

Haptic Module

Experience the watch and its applications in a more tactile and intuitive way.

Programmable Button

Gain instant access to your favourite smartwatch features or other connected devices.

Developer Module

The DIY module. It’s possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Click the icons!
Click the icons!

Keep In Touch - Calls

Make and receive calls directly from your wrist.

Stay Fit

Track your daily activity and exercise levels throughout the day.

Stay On Schedule

Synchronize your calendars and reminders to boost your productivity.

Keep In Touch - Messages

Send and receive text messages, and view your social media notifications, directly from your wrist.

Capture What Matters

Using the core’s built in microphone, record voice memos, meetings or any moments that matter.

Track Your Sleep

Gain insights on your sleeping patterns and wake up feeling great everyday.

Receive Calls

The core is able to make and receive calls locally, without the use of your smartphone Calls.

Modular Design

Customize technology around your own needs. Add new features or upgrade your existing ones to infinitely expand the functionality of your smartwatch.

The Module

Each module has its own special feature. Only choose the ones that you need and make your own unique device.

Infinite Possibilities

The variety of modules available will only continue to grow. Our Blockstore will be like no other.

Open Platform

Developers can build BLOCKS with us. We’re also partnering with the world's leading technology companies to bring the most advanced features to your future smartwatch.

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Our Story

Born and bred in London, England, BLOCKS has been developing since November 2013. Our team is made from experts in Product Design, Hardware and Software. Tune in to #WhyThursday to find out more.

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